Friday, December 18, 2009

Big 1

My baby's 1st birthday:)

I have to talk a little bit about my scrapbooks and the sizes that I do.

For my kids, I do a 6x6. It's a challenge at times. Most of the time, I only have 1 picture that I want to put in there because I'm documenting a milestone. But on occasions like birthdays, sports or classes that they have taken where I have several pictures, it's been a bit of a challenge. I feel like I have to print the pictures really small and then I have to still crop them more than I want. I had to totally crop out the cake on his birthday pictures, which is the most fun part. I tell myself it's okay because I have digital copies of everything, but I'm not sure.

For things that are the three boys together or at least two of them, I have a 11x8.5 (it's landscape). This is my favorite album to do. I don't usually do a two page spread... just a single, and it's usually just a few pictures because it's something we've done just during the day or a comparison or a picture of the three of them together or maybe something fun about just two of them.

For anything that relates to the whole family I do a 12x12 two page spread. These are definitely fun and they usually have a ton of pictures.

Go to the labels and click on Anisa for my samples:)


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